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"The Infernal Collection"

"The Infernal Collection" was a sudden idea since, "the skulls just aren't big enough, cool enough, MACABRE enough", I decided to make my own version and in a way, bring my Original "Memento Mori" painting, to life. This handcrafted, Adult-Sized Skull Candle isn't your ordinary "skull candle".

With it's 18k Gold details, the "crackling" effect as it burns, the bleeding (you can have the eyes bleed out as well-but don't worry, it's optional), and the amount of detail that does into each piece, you'll be left with a work of art that smells amazing!

Marina worked with several certified perfumers (with backings such as Proctor & Gamble to achieve this TOP SHELF  fragrance she's named "Life Potion No. 1". With hints of Oud Wood, Tobacco, Citrus and a few other divine elixirs, "Life Potion No. 1" does not disappoint. 

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