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"Memento Mori"

Translates to -"Remember you will die" in Latin, this has always been such a fascinating quote since I first read it at 16. That is when the idea for my well-known & asked for, "Memento Mori" skull painting came to life. Never worked with oils/acrylic/mixed media in such a serious/seasoned mindset before, but I persisted and have not touched the painting since. It's my first "REAL" piece of work and truly captures my intention of "never being bored" by a work of art that I create. Every time you go to look at it, you'll find something new. I guarantee it. 


"It's "really cool" to some people, or they see a much deeper meaning such as "The King of Hell has Fallen", or they see themselves in a way. I encourage people to look at what they see first, rather than explain what I felt when I create my art. Although I'd gladly tell ya my story!

 Regardless, I am THANKFUL that it inspires ANYTHING at all, because after all, if we're gonna die one day, might as well feel something, right?"


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